12 February 2022

Note: Winners are selected according to Racetec data.
Fastest times within qualification criteria

99km race
  Men Ladies
1st place Gert Heyns (54) Anriette Schoeman (231)
2nd place Craig Boys (55) Alessandra Keller (239)
3rd place Waylon Woodcock (53) Lucy James (232)
King of the Mountain Gert Heyns (54)  
Tandem 99km
1st place Liesbet Smit (2) Karl Lambrecht (1)
2nd place Willem Basson (2) Benno Böhm (1)
99km Veterans race
  Men Veterans Ladies Veterans
1st place David George (197)  
2nd place Ishmail Kahn (196)  
3rd place Miguel da Fonseca (156)  
61km race
  Men Ladies
1st place Sameer Gangraker (3647) Alexander Antonakis (3716)
2nd place Ghaulid Titus (3642) Storm Quinlan (4833)
3rd place Makwande Njokweni (3644) Joeline Danneberg (4627)

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