12 February 2022

Road Race started

Long route cyclists will now enjoy the recently completed Old Malmesbury Road, with an opportunity to win the Green Jersey Sprint along this section of the route. Click on the Route Map to enlarge. The City of Cape Town recently repaired potholes on Vissershok Road, but conditions on Vissershok remain a concern. After extensive discussions with the roads authorities, it was decided to change the 99er long route, in the interest of safety. The short route remains unchanged.


In line with social distancing protocols, kindly plan to arrive at the start area no earlier than 10 minutes before your specific group start time. Start marshals on duty will assist with the efficient flow of cyclists. Please adhere to all Covid-19 protocols and marshal instructions. Masks to be worn up to 1 minute before your group start time.

Group Start Times

Prefix Description Route Start Time
$ Racing Men 100km 06:00
# Racing Tandem 100km 06:05
% Racing Woman+ 100km 06:10
A Seeded 100km 06:15
B Seeded 100km 06:17
C Seeded 100km 06:19
D Seeded 100km 06:21
E Seeded 100km 06:23
F Seeded 100km 06:25
G Seeded 100km 06:27
H Seeded 100km 06:29
J Seeded 100km 06:31
K Seeded 100km 06:33
L Seeded 100km 06:35
N Seeded 100km 06:37
P Seeded 100km 06:39
Q Seeded 100km 06:41
R Seeded 100km 06:43
S Seeded 100km 06:45
T Seeded 100km 06:47
U Seeded 100km 06:49
V Seeded 100km 06:51
W Seeded 100km 06:53
X Seeded 100km 06:55
Y Seeded 100km 06:57
Z Seeded 100km 06:59
#S Tandem 51km 07:30
AS Seeded 51km 07:32
BS Seeded 51km 07:34
CS Seeded 51km 07:36
DS Seeded 51km 07:38
ES Seeded 51km 07:40
FS Seeded 51km 07:42
GS Seeded 51km 07:44
HS Seeded 51km 07:46
JS Seeded 51km 07:48
KS Seeded 51km 07:50
LS Seeded 51km 07:52

Online Entries Close on 7 February 2022


Early Online
Close at 23:59
on 31 January 2022

Late Online
Close at 23:59
on 7 February 2022

100km R370 R395
51km R270 R295
For information regarding refunds please refer to the race terms & conditions.


We are super excited to have you riding with us at the Gryphon 99er Cycle Tour on 12 February 2022.
Here is our simple guide to help make your registration and number collections smooth as possible.

Please note that race numbers MUST be collected before race day.

There will be no race number collection on race day.

The collection of race packs will be at the following places:

Venue Address Date Time
Kenilworth Race Course Rosmead Ave, Kenilworth  Kenilworth Race Course Collection Point [map] Thursday 10 February 2022 12:00 - 18:00
Durbanville Race Course Bowlers Ave, Durbanville  Durbanville Race Course Collection Point [map] Friday 11 February 2022 12:00 - 18:00

Practice proper social distancing at all times when collecting your race number.

Always wear your mask/buff to cover both your nose and mouth at the same time at the venue.

The podium prize-giving for 100km race will take place 15 minutes after the top 3 riders for the men’s and women’s categories have crossed the finish line respectively. The prize giving will take place at the finish line.

There will be sizeable cash prizes for the first finishers in the long route.

The values are summarized below.

The prizes will be allocated on a combination of the following:

  • Winners will be selected according to RaceTec data
  • Fastest times within the qualification criteria


  Cash Performance prize Medal received Qualification criteria
Men 100km
1st R 6 000.00 Gold & Trophy $ Group Only
2nd R 4 000.00 Silver $ Group Only
3rd R 2 000.00 Bronze $ Group Only
Green Jersey R 2 000.00   $ Group
Ladies - 100km
1st R 6 000.00 Gold & Trophy % Group Only
2nd R 4 000.00 Silver % Group Only
3rd R 2 000.00 Bronze % Group Only
Tandem - 100km
1st R 2 000.00 Gold # Group Only
2nd R 1 500.00 Silver # Group Only
Men Veterans - 100km
1st R 2 000.00 Gold  $ Group
40y or older on the day
2nd R 1 000.00 Silver $ Group
40y or older on the day
3rd R 750.00 Bronze $ Group
40y or older on the day
Men - 51km (Vouchers)
1st R 1 500.00 Gold  Group A
Younger than 18y on the day
2nd R 1 000.00 Silver Group A
Younger than 18y on the day
3rd R 750.00 Bronze Group A
Younger than 18y on the day
Ladies - 51km (Vouchers)
1st R 1 500.00 Gold  All Groups
2nd R 1 000.00 Silver All Groups
3rd R 750.00 Bronze All Groups

What you need to enter registration

Race Tec Chip, ID, Your Race Number, Proof of Vaccination or Negative Rapid Antigen Test

Fully Vaccinated?

To qualify as a fully vaccinated participant you must present proof of your vaccination status by way of your vaccination card or a printed copy thereof together with your ID. You are considered fully vaccinated if you have had 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine (with the 2nd dose having been received a minimum of 7 days prior to the event) OR you have received 1 dose of the J&J vaccine (at least a minimum of 28 days before the event).

Not Fully Vaccinated?

In line with the guidelines laid down by Cycling South Africa (CSA), participants who are not considered fully vaccinated will need to return a Negative Rapid Antigen Test before they can collect their event number. This test can conveniently be done at our "Call Outs" testing facility which will be on-site at the number collection venues. PRE-BOOKING YOUR TEST SLOT ONLINE IS ADVISABLE. Test slots will be available between 12pm and 6pm on Thursday 10 February at Kenworth Racecourse and 12pm and 6pm on Friday 11 February at Durbanville Racecourse. Each test will be offered at a discounted R200 and can be paid for by card or cash. Limited walk-in will be accepted, and pre-bookings will take preference. Avoid waiting and - Book Now!

On arrival at the number collection venue please proceed to the "Callouts" station to sanitize and check your vaccination status or be tested. Once your vaccination status is confirmed you will receive an armband and proceed to collect your race number. Should you need to be tested it will be done and you will get a result via SMS within 15 minutes. You will need to show your negative result to a "Call Outs" official in order to get an armband and only then proceed to collect your race number.

Please note that no race numbers will be issued without the official armband.

Only participants collecting numbers for themselves, and others, will be allowed in the registration/ number collection area and the wearing of masks is mandatory at all times. We also ask that all participants practice social distancing while in the registration area. Please don't forget to collect your t-shirt if you have purchased one with your entry.

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