Gryphon 99er Cycle Tour

2020 Race Results

Note: Winners are selected according to Racetec data.
Fastest times within qualification criteria

103 km Road race
  Men Ladies
1st placeCraig Boys ($48)Trhas Tesfay (%249)
2nd placeBizaye Redae ($67)Anriette Schoem (%233)
3rd placeMatthew Fortuin ($73))Lucy James (%241)
King of the MountainTyrone Filander ($77) 
103 km Tandem
1st placeKen Pretis (#6)Liesel Prentis (#6)
2nd placeBen Matthewson (#9)Luke Matthewson (#9)
103 km Veterans race
  Men Veterans  
1st placeCobus Swanepoel ($65) 
2nd placeJaco Davel ($71) 
3rd placeLouis Strijdom ($82) 
51 km race
  Men Ladies
1st placeRuan Badenhorts (3756)Melinda Beetge (3688)
2nd placeJordan September (3754)Marzdan Theart (3643)
3rd placeTyran Olipant (3652)Amber Hindmarch (3658)