The 99er Cycle Tour Organising Committee acknowledges the water crisis in Cape Town and has been actively seeking ways to make sure that the event takes place with as little reliance as possible on the Municipal water supply. 

The 99er has been a fundraising event for many years and many charities rely on the contributions received from the race. The Organising committee felt strongly that the race can go ahead with the implementation of certain measures and the participation of all involved. 

In this regard we can confirm the following:

  • We have received a sponsorship for water from a Mineral Water Source which will be used for all water points.
  • No Municipal water will be used for any of the water points.
  • The water stations on the route will be able to re-fill water bottles and hydration packs and riders will be encouraged to fill their bottles and hydration packs from these stations. 
  • No shower facilities will be provided at the end.
  • The bulk of our toilet facilities will be chemical toilets equipped with hand sanitizers
  • The Racecourse, from where our event is hosted, is equipped with a borehole and most of the facilities on site use this water source.

We understand that there are concerns regarding the water usage at the 99er but we believe that with the participation of all stakeholders, we can still host a very successful event with as little impact as possible on the Municipal water source. 


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