Road Race started

WeBenefit, a digital procurement platform with an innovative fundraising model that benefits schools, churches and other charitable organisations, will sponsor the 99er for at least the next three years. During this time, its online platform will be used for race-related fundraising.

The WeBenefit platform uses online infrastructure through which communities, schools, charities, NPOs, care homes and church groups can buy high-quality products and services that they routinely need at a discounted rate. Individual consumers can do the same.

Not only do organisations and consumers save money on their purchases, they can also contribute a percentage of what they spend through the WeBenefit platform to a beneficiary of their choice. 

A remarkable feature of the platform is the school fee benefit that allows parents to offset their school fee obligations against their purchases. Relatives can also elect to allocate part of the proceeds from their purchases towards a child’s school fees. This essentially creates a virtual community of support around a learner.

“In terms of our business model, 60% of the profits from every purchase is donated to a beneficiary,” says Kurt Oellermann from WeBenefit. 

Visit the We Benefit website to find out more!

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